Reach your customers on any channel they prefer.

Use our unified platform to access Bulk SMS,
Short Code, USSD, Airtime and Voice solutions for your business,
In a cost-effective way.

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Our array of simple to use products that will deepen your engagement with your customers.


Make your communications efficient by using our stable, fast and cost-effective SMS platform and Gateway.
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Enable two-way communication with your customers via a unique 5-digit code e.g. 40428.
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Let your customers access your services directly from their phone dialer via a USSD code of your choice.
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Voice IVR
& Toll-Free

Manage all your communications through our cutting-edge voice service tailored to your needs.
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A powerful and cost-effective way to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.
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We get you up and running in no time

Simple and Easy to use interface and API that will accelerate your time to market

Enhance your customers experience.

We offer you a set of tools that enable you to profile and communicate with your customers using an array of channels that are designed to cater to the different mobile phone models that your customers may have

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Simple Api intergration

For more details on how to intergrate with JavaScript checkout our developer docs

Developer Docs

For more details on how to intergrate with PHP checkout our developer docs

Developer Docs

Manage conversations with leads and customers at scale

Write, save, schedule and send bulk text messages. Manage and segment large contacts databases according to various groups required. View delivery reports for each bulk broadcast done.

Emalify creates the right call center for your business.

Make and receive calls within and outside your business through our Emalify Voice Solution to craft the perfect calling experience with a number relatable to your company.

Transforming Customer Engagement

Create a perfect customer experience by using the channels your customers already use and love. Lets get started and build a great experience PAMOJA

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