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Emailfy has excelled in delivering reputable USSD services to existing and emerging markets, enabling access to mobile services without internet connections.

USSD Features.

This service works best when communication is highly interactive.

No internet requirements.

It does not discriminate whether you have internet connectivity or not.

2 Way interactive session

USSD interactive session responds to users input query with fast exchange of data.

API for software integration.

Readily available APIs for integration with your application system at low cost

Easy to use.

USSD codes are short, memorable and easy to use as they provide an interactive session with the user.

USSD Types

There are two types of USSDs

  • Dedicated USSD – This is a code which is wholly owned by one company for its various services. For example, *699#
  • Shared USSD – This a code which is shared among several companies for their different products or services. Each company is allocated an extension from a dedicated USSD e.g. *229*25#

USSD Use Cases

Available to all mobile users. USSD codes are accessible on the phone dialer and can work with any phone without specific phone setting

  • Accessing financial services e.g banks, saccos, institutions etc.
  • To pay bills for utilities such as electricity, TV, water and internet connectivity.
  • Collecting data, Building customer databases.
  • Products and services sales e.g fast moving goods and merchandise stores.
  • Administering mobile survey and ticketing services.

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